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Steering & Alignment

Steering & Alignment

If your car has unusual vibrations or the steering wheel pulls to the left or right while you are driving, it may need to have its wheels aligned. Driving on uneven, bumpy roads and hitting potholes or curbs will affect your wheels’ alignment. It may also cause your tire tread to wear unevenly.

Our steering and wheel alignment services at Mid City Auto will set your vehicle straight again, ensuring you get a safe and comfortable driving experience. We will examine steering and suspension as well as the tires’ tread, dimension, and tire pressure to ensure your tire alignment matches manufacturer specifications.

In addition to giving you a smooth drive, proper wheel alignment will improve the life of your tires and help make your car more fuel-efficient. If your vehicle is in need of our steering and wheel alignment services, please contact Mid City Auto today. Our team is always happy to help.

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At Mid City Auto Service Complete Car Care and Tire Centers, we are more than happy to work with you in smoothing out your ride with a new set of high-quality tires, rotating, balancing, alignments and other suspension services. Call us today to schedule an appointment at a time that is best for your – our friendly, professional service will make your car care a breeze.

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