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Expert Car Repair Service

At Mid City Auto Service, our team of highly trained technicians services all models of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Our team includes certified technicians who have over 25 years of experience and diagnostic equipment to get the job done professionally and correctly the first time.

As many of our technicians have been at the shop for over a decade, we often get familiar with you and your vehicle. We will work with you to help prioritize the services you require and the services that can be saved for routine maintenance.


Our vehicle is composed of pipes and tubing designed to maximize its efficiency. It collects the harmful gases ...


The brake system comprises carefully engineered components that create precise movements to produce ...

Steering & Alignment

If your car has unusual vibrations or the steering wheel pulls to the left or right while you are driving, it may need to have its wheels aligned.

Mechanical Failures

There is nothing scarier than a car breaking down on the side of the road. It can be an inconvenience...

Oil Changes

Oil helps mitigate friction between your car engine's moving components, providing a protective layer that ...

Safety Inspections

Although one may not think much about it, a good safety inspection is essential for many reasons.

Tire & Suspension

If your tire needs to be patched or you require maintenance work, our team can provide service for all of your tire needs.

Air Conditioning

As temperature soars, the importance of your vehicles' air conditioning system can't be excessive.

Full Service Auto Repair

Whether it’s an oil change you need or extensive engine repair, Mid City has your back. Our technicians’ combined experience totals over 90 years, and they perform a thorough diagnosis prior to every service. We believe in good communication with our clients and won’t hesitate to inform you of possible problems prior to making any repairs or adjustments. We perform only the highest quality of work on your vehicle.

As we are a family owned business, we treat you like a member of the family and will take care of your vehicle as if it is one of our own.

We Go Above & Beyond

We do much more than repair cars – we ensure the safety of people and their families. Our core values are based on communication, trust, relationships, service, and community. These play an important role in our daily interactions with our clients. If you require an extra part that we do not have, we will check several locations to see how we can help you save your money and get the best deal. We will also take the time to look up your service history and offer you a reminder on any upcoming maintenance, helping you avoid any major car repair.

Winter Maintenance Package



  • Oil Change & Oil Filters
  • Rotate Tires
  • Alignments
  • Check Breaks & Front End
  • Top Up Washer Fluid

*Synthetic oil and diesel are extra