Custom Golf Carts


We are now an authorized EZGO dealer.


The golf cart customizing started out with a few carts I purchased just for fun. I wanted to do something that nobody else was offering, so my wife and I came up with a bunch of ideas that we thought were pretty neat. After doing the first few they sold faster than we could finish them. More were purchased and the rest speak for themselves.

We now do carts from your basic park model for seniors to full lift, trick wheels, sound systems and every option anybody could imagine. Custom paint and graphics, stainless bars, custom seats and all rim and tire combos are available. Carts have been sold to many locations across Ontario. We are currently taking custom orders for spring delivery. I believe Mid City Kool Karts are hands down the best on the market. All carts are stripped to the frame, cleaned and painted from the ground up. If somebody has a design of their own in mind, we do it.

Ask anybody who has one. If you’re looking for a custom cart that will be trickier than the one next door, give us a call today. We also do yard work carts with a dump box or with bag carriers for the golf course.

Saturday: 8am – 12pm (Golf Cart Shop only, from May to Labour Day)

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